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Live Streaming of Council and Committee Meetings

Waverley Council live streams all Council meetings and meetings of the Operations and Community Services Committee and the Strategic Planning and Development Committee. A recording of the meeting will be published on this website within 48 hours of the closure of the meeting.

Waverley Council does not accept any liability for statements made or actions taken by individuals during a meeting that may be contrary to law, and which may be contained in a live stream or recording of a meeting.


Council Meeting (adjourned)   Date: 26 October 2021, 7.00pm,  Filesize: 3gb


Access to live streams and recordings of Council meetings is provided for personal and non-commercial use. Video images and audio must not be altered, reproduced or republished without the permission of Council. Copyright to the video images and audio remains with Waverley Council.

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Order of Business

  • 1. Apologies/Leaves of Absence
  • 2. Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests
  • 3. Obituaries
  • 4. Addresses by Members of the Public
  • 5. Confirmation and Adoption of Minutes
  • CM/5.1/21.10 Confirmation of Minutes - Council Meeting - 23 September 2021
  • CM/5.2/21.10 Adoption of Minutes - Waverley Traffic Committee Meeting - 23 September 2021
  • 6. Mayoral Minutes
  • 7. Reports
  • CM/7.1/21.10 Quarterly Budget Review (Q1) - September 2021
  • CM/7.2/21.10 COVID-19 - Council Response, Business Continuity and Community Support Initiatives - Review
  • CM/7.3/21.10 Annual Returns Disclosing Interests of Councillors and Designated Persons
  • CM/7.4/21.10 Public Forum - Review of Extended Trial
  • CM/7.5/21.10 Investment Portfolio Report - September 2021
  • CM/7.6/21.10 Draft Waverley Local Housing Strategy Implementation and Delivery Plan
  • CM/7.7/21.10 Voluntary Planning Agreement - 157-159 Military Road, Dover Heights
  • CM/7.8/21.10 Smart Cities Mobility - The Pick-up/Drop-off (PUDO) Project
  • CM/7.9/21.10 Grafton Street Bicycle Cage - Lease
  • CM/7.10/21.10 Small Grants Round 2021-22 - Round 1
  • CM/7.11/21.10 Public Gardening Policy and Verge Garden Guidelines - Adoption
  • CM/7.12/21.10 Community Tenants Accommodation Review - Findings and Recommendations
  • CM/7.13/21.10 Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club - Lease
  • 8. Notices of Motions
  • CM/8.1/21.10 Bronte Park and Beach - Primary Access Point
  • CM/8.2/21.10 Customer Service Centre
  • CM/8.3/21.10 Hard Rubbish Waste Collection
  • CM/8.4/21.10 Antisemitism - Adoption of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition
  • CM/8.5/21.10 Oxford Street Mall Upgrade
  • CM/8.6/21.10 Bondi Beach Stairs - First Nations Language Art
  • CM/8.7/21.10 Bondi Pavilion Amphitheatre - First Nations Sandstone Carving
  • CM/8.8/21.10 DA Tracker - Enhancing Planning Transparency
  • CM/8.9/21.10 First Nations Calendar - Sovereignty/Freedom Day
  • 9. Questions with Notice
  • 10. Urgent Business
  • 11. Closed Session
  • CM/11.1/21.10 CONFIDENTIAL REPORT - Rowe Street Project - Update
  • 12. Resuming in Open Session
  • 13. Meeting Closure

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